Executive Summary

Optimized Community Management (OCM4U) is a professional Property Management Company that believes in win-win-win strategies that benefit all stake holders, while providing financially sustainable property management solutions. The resident home owners, investor owners and tenants in the community all have priorities, and OCM4U believes in addressing each of these in a sustainable and respectful manner. In order to provide satisfaction on a consistent basis, the starting point is clarity of objectives. In discussion with the Board of Directors (BOD), OCM4U will develop objectives that are published, achievements evaluated and periodical reports published. While OCM4U will focus on priorities set by the Board of Directors of each Community, OCM4U offers a menu of services that the BOD may choose from.

  • We provide services as per established budget
  • Annual cost increase in our fees not to exceed published increase in cost of living index
  • We provide all services at a very controlled cost, retaining a reserve for unforeseen expenses including over time when mandated, use of specialists for special services, providing incentives and bonuses to employees performing exceptionally well and developing mechanisms for developing performance evaluation programs that provide objective feedback of services provided by the staff
  • Retain the present staff, if any, who are performing satisfactorily
  • Train any non-performing staff and replace any existing staff who decline the opportunity to continue with competent staff who will respectfully serve the community
  • Continue to use the existing Accounting Program, so transition is immediate with no data migration, and no learning by the Treasurer and Board Members of the Accounting system
  • Provide adequate services by the Executive Director at no additional cost to the HOA, including a minimum of 10 hours a week on site
  • Provide flexible hours of working as desired by the community and directed by the Board – we will be at the office when HOA wants the staff to be present, not when it is convenient to us
  • We will make every effort to increase market value of the homes and will work closely with specialists to develop programs that will work towards this goal
  • Improve relationships with all officials and partners, to increase property values
  • Reduce the costs of litigation and other operating expenses, using expertise gained over the years in procurement of products and services, and conflict resolution
  • Provide flexibility to the Board to make changes in goals as appropriate, to comply with and meet changing needs and priorities of the Community, including obsolescence of some tasks due to a variety of reasons.